La Raza 113 Opinion Paper / Homework Essay (30 hw pts)

La Raza 113 Opinion Paper / Homework Essay (30 homework points)

Spring 2014

Your opinion paper must be at least two full pages and be written in proper college essay structure (introduction, clear thesis, supporting points, and conclusion). Your essays should use 12 point font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margin, and double spaced. Began your essay at the very top of the paper. You should include a small quote (no longer than 3 lines) for each of your body paragraphs. Your essay needs to be quote David Hayes-Bautista, do not use outside sources. Essays that are clear, to the point, pay attention to detail and provide relevant examples are those that will receive full credit.


The purpose of this essay is to make an informed prediction on the future of California when Latinos/as become the majority of the state’s population. Your essay should provide an educated and well-thought response to the following question: “What will happen to American identity and society in California when Latinos become half the state’s entire population?” (Hayes-Bautista xv). Be sure to take into account and discuss Hayes-Bautista chapter eight, and his “best-case” or “worst-case” scenarios. When discussing Latino political participation, remember to include both electoral and non-electoral political participation. You should consider the cultural, political, and economic characteristics of Latinos/as as discussed by Hayes-Bautista.

In your essay, define and discuss the following terms: Latino civil society, ethnic solidarity, citizenship, political engagement, empowerment.

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